Frequently Asked Questions


Do you keep my passwords for the social media I display?
No we don't. We don't even ask for them. Only your usernames are required.

I want to follow you, do you have a Facebook page and are you on Twitter?
Yes it's right here: (obviously...)

I can't find myself in the directory, why?
Indeed that is the case if you haven't signed up yet.
We don't gather information picked up here and there across the web and mixing it with no sense, no authenticity and without telling no no....we leave that to others. On medotcom you choose what you want to display and only this. That's why you need to sign up to be found.

Will I see advertising on my page?
No you won't.

Can I use my medotcom page to access all my profiles?
Of course you can. Using your page as your personal dashboard is a great idea. Although you can easily create a folder on your smartphone with all these icons, you can surely use your medotcom page to access your accounts - whether it is from a smartphone or from a computer.

How does medotcom work?
We gave you the headlines on our homepage, and it is so simple that we don't have much to explain. But here are more details:
After signing up, you create your page by choosing the social media you'd like to display.
You insert your usernames and after that you write a little something about you. You choose a background color, insert your City and Country - just like you'd do in any directory really -  and you're done! 

You share your medotcom address and come back to check out your stats.
You can insert your medotcom address in your signature, thus making it simpler and shorter for you - and for people you write to. You can even add it to your Facebook & Twitter bios and on your business card so you don't have to list 5-6-7 or more links one after another. Fewer lines, clearer, simpler, smarter.  

What happens when a person clicks on one of my displayed icons?
This person will be taken straight to your profile on that social media (except Skype - the Skype logo acts as a button and will trigger a call to you).

So what will this person see after that?
Well, let's take an example with Facebook: if this person is a friend of yours, then a click will redirect this person to whatever page he/she can see as usual. However, if this person is not connected to you, then he/she will only see what you have made publicly available in each social media settings of yours. That applies to all social media, from LinkedIn to Instagram etc.

What social media do you have on medotcom?
The list is here: And you have it in alphabetical order at the very end of these FAQ as well.

Can I suggest you a new social media/social network I'd like to add?
Sure you can! We welcome all suggestions. We will consider it and if appropriate, we will insert it in our list as soon as we can. For example, Twitch, Ustream and Symbaloo were all suggestions from happy medotcom users.

Can I write about medotcom on my blog or write an article?
Yes please and we'll be happy to publish you as well. Let us know and we'll post it on our Facebook page, on Twitter. Our logos are available on the Press page here.

I'd like to invite friends to join medotcom...
You either share you profile or once signed up there is an "invite friends" tab. You'll have direct access to your email address book if you want to send an email. You can also share the medotcom homepage from there.

Do I get a notification when there is something new on one of my listed social media?

No you don't: we are not linked to the media you list. And medotcom is not an app (yet). 

I can't find medotcom on the App store nor on Google Play/Android. Why?
Well, that's because medotcom is not an app.

Does medotcom support apps profiles - such as Kik or Happn for example?
Because medotcom is a website we cannot support app profiles: these are services which are exclusively apps and have no URLs.


My Linkedin link is not redirecting properly. Can you help?
Sure, it happens often. Linkedin is a tricky one. For individuals, there is this "in/" to insert in the URL, which is not present for companies for example. So, check out if you have inserted "in/" in your copy/paste. After that, it will work all fine. If not, give us a shout and we'll figure it out.

Can I sign up to medotcom through Facebook or Twitter?
medotcom is independent, so nope you can't sign up through these.
We chose that way so we can offer you our independence and get your trust in exchange. So yes, it takes literally 7 seconds to sign up - up to you to read T&Cs of course - instead of the usual 4 seconds through Facebook or Twitter. But do you really know how all these "easy sign ups" are used? No one else but us will have an eye on the personal data you safely provide to us.

How can I make my medotcom page appear first in Google for example?
Good question.
Google has its own algorithms and we can't control that. But, the more you share your page, the more people come to your page and click on your icons/links and the better your name will rank on Google Search. Just like our founder: check out Igor Windisch in Google for example: his medotcom link is 1st even before his LinkedIn URL. So it does work.
Note: So, when people look for you on Google, not only they are directed to exactly what you want to show, but also they don't need to spend time unnecessarily on wrong pages and they don't need to check out all the social media links one after another - without even being sure its is actually yours.  So yes, medotcom is smart, isn't it?

How big is the medotcom team?

Sharing medotcom from a smartphone:
I want to share my medotcom page or a medotcom page on Facebook but it tells me to login again on Facebook web version. Why?

Indeed this is the case and the reason is that medotcom is a website not an app. So, the medotcom page being opened in your browser, it will redirect to your Facebook page of your web browser.

How is medotcom different from "aggregators" or "splash pages" websites?
medotcom is about social media.
It is not a splash page, window-site about you on which you can write tons and tons about you.
We want it to make it simple for you and for people looking for you and finding you. So if someone is interested in your professional path, he or she won't lose time looking for the right paragraph to read and he/she will just click/tap on your LinkedIn logo and that's it.
Also, medotcom is designed to be simple and to have an easy user friendly navigation. No 1,000 ways of customization features for titles, subtitles, background colors, background-of-title color...text background, font color for subtitles and font for text body etc. medotcom is simple and intuitive.
We offer a small-sized picture compared to others, but things can change on that front.

I am a brand. Can I insert a QR code in my page?

Not yet, but we're considering adding this new feature for you.

I am a brand. I would like to customize my background on my medotcom page, can I do that?
Sure. Get in touch with us and we'll talk about that.

The stats number of Skype stays at zero in My Stats. Why?
It's because we've decided not to show that number as we don't think it is that useful. Anyway, you know when you receive a call.
Note: if for example 10 people are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and each of them clicks on your Twitter icon, it will only contribute to one click in the stats ....because it will take the IP address of your Wi-Fi, not the one of your computer or smartphone.

The stats number of my www. extra links stays at zero in My Stats. Why?
It's because we've decided to focus on your social media popularity and less on the "favorites" websites you add. But medotcom evolves and if we receive a number of requests to add this feature, we will listen and look into that.

Is it simple to delete my account?
Yes it is. Very. medotcom is honest and clear all the way and if you choose to leave us, you'll see it's very easy too.

Is medotcom open to all?
Yes it is, as long as you follow our Terms and Conditions: available here.

Next/Coming up
Can I manage the order of the icons displayed on my medotcom page?

Good question. Not yet. We're looking at this option.

Is medotcom a network?
It is a directory to find and be found easily. You cannot "connect" with people, but we are considering creating interactions between medotcom members.

Is there an app planned for medotcom? 
medotcom is a webapp, so it is a website behaving as an app. And it is so simple that people sometimes tell us "great app!". Right now we concentrate on enhancing your experience as it is. Further down the road - and the more you share your page ;) - we will consider this option.

Do you have a medotcom widget/embedded script I can copy/paste to display on my blog/in my signature?
Thanks for that question, it means you really like us. We're working on that.

What's coming next on medotcom?
Exciting new features, we will stay intuitive and simple yet we'll keep innovating to surprise you.

Can I send you my CV?...I am a coder/developer/designer/marketing expert...
Yes, we welcome all applications, send it to us @ and mention "Job Application" in the Subject line please.

Where do I find my usernames? Can you help and tell me what I should copy/paste?
Sure. Your usernames will be featured on each of you profile pages - either in the web browser address bar or in the field called My Username/something similar. Here is a list with John Smith as an example: you'll need to copy/paste only the part in bold so your links will redirect properly.



Blogger profile:
Blogspot blog:



Ebay: johnsmith

Facebook :
Flickr: - no need to copy/paste the "photos/" ​

Google+: - don't forget the + sign!



Linkedin: - don't forget the "in/" if it applies!  






Spotify - don't forget the "user/" if it applies!

Tuenti: johnsmith





Youtube: - don't forget the "user/" if it applies!