medotcom lets you end the fragmentation of your online presence: your medotcom page is the unique link centralizing your social media so you can give the full picture of your digital you. 88 characters, beautiful colors and simplicity.

It is free for individuals.

medotcom also addresses to brands and events: your business page will cost $52/year - or the equivalent of $1/week: learn more here. A tailored service for your event has been created to introduce your guest speakers in an innovative way, read more here.

Our FAQ and our blog will keep you informed of our activity.


About us

medotcom is a registered company based in Geneva, Switzerland.
We are a small team. Very small.

We are developing new features for you and working hard to make you a happy medotcom user.
We are not aiming at making social media better, we are making it simpler.

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  medotcom is made in Switzerland with a French touch.