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07 Apr 2022Like & Connect !

That's it ! We have just launched 2 great new features for you: you can now like any profile pages & connect with your friends. medotcom is now officially an interactive network — make good use of it ;)

14 Jan 2022Message from the Founder

Sent to all medotcom members:
Today, I thought that you should be the one talking to us, so:
Tell us any features you'd like to have on medotcom in 2017
Such as:
- Make medotcom a social network & being able to connect with people
- Insert a background image - not just colors
- Find people's social media even if they're not on medotcom
- Like a page & see the number of likes

Tweet to us or message us on Facebook. I will personally read all your suggestions and if you like any of the above, let us know. I truly appreciate your time and I wish you all the best for 2017.

Igor Windisch
medotcom big chief

08 Jan 2022#GuerillaMarketing

Last week, 3000 billboards were left blank in Geneva. Artists enjoyed it. The medotcom team took that opportunity to advertise for free. See pics here:

#creativehighjacking #startup #switzerland #helloweexist #highjacking
#socialmedia #personalbranding #YourDigitalYou #justdaretodoitanddoit !

20 Dec 2021Fee for Business Pages Now in Place

A business page now costs $1/week i.e. $52 per year with a 30-day free trial. Learn more here

02 Nov 2021Snap Updates

Snap Updates sent to all medotcom members here — we talk about:

What's new
A simpler interface to personalize your page & The possibility to change your username / web link

Two new & unique services
Presenting the guest speakers at your event or conference & A 1-on-1 service to help you create your page

Coming soon
A fee for newly created business accounts

16 Sep 2021Maintenance

Maintenance scheduled to start today @ 10PM CEST: medotcom is moving to a new cloud to offer you even better performances and reliability. There will be no impact on your page.

15 Sep 2021Changing usernames!

Starting today, you can now change your medotcom username.
Wanted to take out the "." in your personal link ? Or you have just changed your mind ?
Well, jump to "Account" , amend to anything you'd like and don't forget to tell your friends about it!

18 Aug 2021Improving UX

Once logged in to your account, you will experience a new and improved ergonomy of medotcom: more Save buttons, an even simpler and clean space to manage your account and create your page. Hope you will like it ;)

04 Jul

Introducing today a new email address:
- Because we're not fans of some brands' *
- Because we believe that sending you an email and ordering you "noreply" is kind of rude. 
- Because we'd like to give you the chance to tell us what you think and value your suggestions.
- Because we help you creating your medotcom page if you need it.
- Because it is such a simple initiative, that it fits the simplicity of medotcom.


26 Apr 2022Our April newsletter: #ShowPeopleHowAwesomeYouAre

New Design, Awesome New Colors, News Search Bar & More: click here

20 Apr 2022Google Maps fixed !

  Google Maps icon is back on! 

31 Mar 2022medotcom a bit slow

We are pushing live some improvements today 31.03.2022 @ 11 AM GVA Time. You may experience some slowdown while on the website. Apologies for that.

29 Mar 2022Google Maps being fixed

  We have added Google Maps to our panel last week. In order to do a last serie of tests, we need to temporarily take out that icon. Apologies and well done to our developer who spotted that. Stay tuned.

26 Mar 2022Great article confirming medotcom ;)

Is this the end of the websites as we know them? Very interesting article written by C. Cousens here in ...just about 12 days after we actually tweeted that: 


23 Mar 2022Coming Soon

 Coming soon on medotcom:
- A login via username OR email address made available.
- More colors for your background & for your font. Many more.
- A search bar enabling search by keywords, cities, countries.
- Stats loading faster
- And more, all this while keeping it simple.
Stay tuned.

21 Mar 2022Periscope & Meerkat

   Periscope & Meerkat are now available on medotcom: if you're on there, feel free to add them to your page today!

18 Mar 2022medotcom now more secure

medotcom is now in https which makes your connection and data more secure when you login.

18 Mar 2022Ville de Genève on medotcom

  We are pleased to announce that the City of Geneva officially created its account on medotcom.

23 Feb 2022Be Easily Reachable on medotcom

    Add today your telephone number, your email and Google Maps logos onto your page. A simple tap will trigger a call or open a new email for people wanting to reach you. Easy! 

03 Feb 2022Snapchat now on medotcom!

  Thanks to the new feature on Snapchat, there is now a user profile URL...and everyone has one!
So feel free to add it to your medotcom page. 

28 Jan 2022Airbnb & TripAdvisor now on medotcom!

    Do you travel? Do you have a profile/an apartment on Airbnb? Well, you can now add it to your medotcom page. And if you have a profile on Tripadvisor, then why not adding that too if you'd like to. 

27 Jan 2022Runtastic, Fitbit & Runkeeper now on medotcom!

     If you run, or work out and have a profile on these, then it's time to add that to your medotcom page

19 Jan 2022We are out of beta!

After eleven months, medotcom is now out of beta. 

10 Jan 2022New communication campaign launched

We launch today our new campaign: medotcom, The Social Media Directory.
So if you're being asked who we are, we are the white & yellow pages 2.0. Spread the word ;)

08 Jan 2022Kred Following us @bemedotcom on Twitter

We're glad to say that Kred is now following us on Twitter Kred is "a transparent a transparent social media influence platform featuring Influence & Outreach scores, reflecting trust and generosity." 

07 Jan 2022Simplified Sign Up Process - Coming Soon

We're thinking about making the sign up process even simpler. It won't be a Facebook/Twitter sign up as we'd like to remain independent, but it will take even less time. To be followed.

01 Jan 2022Happy New Year

We wish to all our medotcom members a Very Happy New Year!
And for you, you who is wondering whether to sign up or not, we wish you the same ;)   

25 Dec 2021Tip! Sharing medotcom Profiles

 You already know you can share your page. But did you know that you could also share someone else's page? Easy, just use the same green Share button!

25 Dec 2021Tip! medotcom Shortcut

 On your smartphone, go to your profile page and simply tap on "Add to Home Screen" at the bottom of the page near the bookmark tool. That way you'll have direct access to medotcom.

18 Dec 2021Google+ in the Social Clicks - Solved

Social Click counts for the Google+ icon is now working fine. Thanks to our great developer!  

17 Dec 2021Rebelmouse now on medotcom

 We've added Rebelmouse to the social media list

15 Dec 2021Star Wars on medotcom

 If you're a fan of Star Wars, here is the page you want to see: Share this page, tell us how much you like it and invite your friends to sign up…in order to win #starwars usernames on medotcom such as ;)

14 Dec 2021Google+ in the Social Clicks

We're investigating on why Social Clicks for the Google+ icon isn't working as expected. Apologies for that & thanks for your patience. Stay tuned! 

10 Dec 2021Tinder is now on medotcom!

 No more of "follow me on insta@ jessnyc71":If you'd like to share your #socialmedia & Tinder, simply add your Tinder URL on your medotcom page!

06 Dec 2021FAQ page now online

 Available here

05 Dec 2021Younow now on medotcom

 We've added Younow to the social media list

04 Dec 2021Ustream now on medotcom

 We've added Ustream to the social media list

26 Nov 2021Twitch now on medotcom

 We´ve added Twitch to the social media list

21 Nov 2021New homepage now online

 Meet Harry on our new homepage

20 Nov 2021New improved stats now online

 Just in time for the weekend...Your personal stats are now live: you'll see the number of profile views & number of clicks on each of your icons

10 Nov 2021medotcom featured on front page of L'AGEFI

 medotcom making the front page of highly regarded L'AGEFI newspaper this morning. L'Agefi is the only French speaking daily economic newspaper in Switzerland: front page and article

09 Nov 2021medotcom featured in La Gazette du Geek

French article from the French Geek Gazette this Monday morning: A nice and clear article to read! here

26 Oct 2021medotcom featured in Alp ICT blog

Alp ICT - the hi-tech cluster in French-speaking Switzerland - writes about medotcom. here

22 Oct 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Supercool and effective tool to centralize your social media channels (...) it´s time to make your social media life easier #medotcom. José — Colon, Panama

14 Oct 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon ​I certainly do appreciate medotcom's simplicity; I find compartmentalising our lives isn't just a hobby for some but a real necessity for most, more so with the plethora of social media now used by many all at once. I've certainly spread the medotcom word! Have a good week, Bernice — London, England

12 Oct 2021¡Por fin! Todas tus redes sociales en un solo lugar - A happy medotcom user writes on his blog

smile emoticon Nicolas writes about medotcom on his blog here: Nicolas — Buenos Aires, Argentina

10 Oct 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon ​You are great I just using medotcom and i like it. Ciao Flavio — Italy

09 Oct 2021medotcom spots color codes changing on ...

 Strange move from - a "kind of competitor" with a different offer : below are pics from their color codes of their homepage...It seems they just got inspired from medotcom ;) ...or is it pure coincidence maybe...we'll say it is flattering and flagrant

04 Oct 2021medotcom mentioned in top 3 for online presence

7 months after its launch, medotcom is mentioned in the 3 websites to go to in order to centralize one's online presence. In French from here

26 Sep 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Congratulations on the success of! I have happily registered with the site and look forward to seeing this webapp continue to grow and enjoy much well deserved success in the future. It has also great to see a fellow McGillian as the architect of this app! :) All the best, Namaste, Alex — Edmonton, CA

25 Sep 2021Rugby World Cup 2015: Official WCR Twitter liking our tweet

 Official account of Rugby World Cup 2015 liked one of our tweets mentioning their medotcom page.

24 Sep 2021Rugby World Cup 2015: Namibian rugby team tweeting their medotcom page

 Rugby World Cup 2015: Namibian rugby team retweeted our tweet in which we told then about their medotcom page.

23 Sep 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I've signed up for medotcom and it's a great site! I like how I can have all of my social media accounts on one page that I can share. This makes things easier when I want to share multiple links for my various accounts. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to the additional site features! Marissa — Detroit, USA

10 Sep 2021Picsart now on medotcom / Picsart liking our tweet
 We're happy to now offer you Picsart on medotcom. When we tweeted Picsart about that news they liked our tweet!
02 Sep 2021Google logo vs. medotcom logo

 @Google : great choice of new logo font - "simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly" as per your PR. We're pleased you've made the same choice of font as ours wink emoticon

25 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Really needed something like this! I will create my profile today! Thank you and success! Deivid — Porto Alegre, Brazil

24 Aug 2021Spotify, Soundcloud & now on medotcom
   Share your playlists & music on medotcom: Spotify, Soundcloud & are now part of our list
21 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I'd like to congratulate you. My brief description of medotcom would be: Small, compact, clean, straight to the point, and powerful! No unnecessary stuffing's and addendum's. I like it! Carl — Singapore

19 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Nice idea and nice site! Suggestion: Would be great to be able to move the order of the social media buttons so the ones on top line are the ones we most want to direct people to. Otherwise brilliant! Thanks. Hazel — Scotland

19 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Thanks for the invite. Really easy to use site, nice and simple and effective. :-) Great idea, good luck with it. Dmytro — Scotland

17 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I met the medotcom through their page, and I  found the idea incredible, very very functional (...) About the size of the network icons,: thought they have a size a little big, there is a reason for this? Have much to praise about his idea, I thought thats brilliant! Really wish success for you and the medotcom! I thank you again for your attention. My regards, Rodriggo — Campo Grande,Brazil 

17 Aug 2021McGill University retweeting

 McGill University retweeting a tweet mentioning McGill page on medotcom:

13 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I have visited your website just now and finding it very ease to connect with all social media. I like your concept about new features. Divyesh — Mumbai, India

13 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I do have quite a few social links & I was actually looking for a go-to place for listing all of them. I signed up & I'm working on linking what I can. Looking forward to sharing just one go-to link instead all! Thanks for the invite ;) Sandy

13 Aug 2021Happy medotcom user writes on his blog

smile emoticon N. Young wrote on his blog "A new way to share & track your social media"  here — Alabama, USA

06 Aug 2021Another cool credential just received

smile emoticon It seems that you have a very nice product. I can tell its design is very professional. Marcelo

31 Jul 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon J'aime bien le design. Très bien réalisé. Simon — Montreal, Canada

31 Jul 2021medotcom featured on

French startup blog presents medotcom

23 Jul 2021medotcom featured on

In French: medotcom ou la simplication de nos réseaux sociaux: here 

03 Jul 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Awesome concept! I hope this turns out great for you. Just watched the Pharell beta and seems like it can be a good tool for some users that they have it all at once... Especially I believe normal people as well as businesses there will be extremely huge...It's almost the simplest idea that turns out the inventor into a millionaire, so let's hope this is the new Pinterest!  Lasse — Denmark.

26 Jun 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon I registered an account on your service. I am impressed with the idea and wish you success on medotcom.  Let me suggest that you market it as MeDotCom (a URL is insensitive to the text case and this would be MUCH easier to recognize and remember).  I had to struggle mentally to unwind the jumble of letters and deduce it was Me Dot Com. I am among the small minority of people who **actually read** the Terms of Service. Yours are thorough and impressive. Thom — Florida, USA

01 Jun 2021Best day since start

Today has been the best day since medotcom launch with record numbers of visits & visitors. 

31 May 2021medotcom homepage in computer stores WW

    medotcom challenge launched: set medotcom homepage on a maximum of on-display connected devices in computer stores worldwide. Take a pic and send it to us!

29 May 2021Happy medotcom user
smile emoticon Really awesome. I'll certainly use. Fernando — Badalona, Barcelona, Spain
25 May 2021medotcom selected to participate in Web Summit Dublin'15

medotcom selected to participate in Web Summit Dublin'15 on the Alpha startup program - where the tech world meets.

25 May 2021Stats are online
 Your medotcom stats are now online: # of views & # of clicks on each of your social links
21 May 2021Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Congrats, your Medotcom is really a great idea. I'm already in. Best regards, Paola — Italy

14 May 2021Famous French TV host liked one of our tweets

Laura Tenoudji liked one of our tweets! She hosts the tech chronicle on Télématin on national TV France 2 

19 Apr 2022Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Un service vraiment sympa pour centraliser tous ses profils sociaux! Alessio — Belgium

05 Apr 2022Happy medotcom user

smile emoticon Super ton site!!!! Je fais suivre. Beau project. Alexandra — NJ, USA

22 Feb 2022medotcom is online