Introducing guest speakers just got a lot better


A dedicated medotcom page for each presenter is a unique weblink:
> to display your guest speaker's online presence
> to enable the audience to connect easily


On your website
Place the  under the presenter
's pic or in his bio

each logo will redirect to the speaker's dedicated medotcom page:

On stage
Insert the link on the main screen when the presenter is introduced

weblink accessible from any smartphones in the audience


"Simple. Visible. Powerful.
The simplest and most efficient way to say it all in one go."

By adopting medotcom:

You inform
Currently Twitter Linkedin logos are usually displayed, but:
> it may not always fit your website design
> the presenter may have a more extensive online presence
> some have their own preferences on what to display

You provide an easy access
> Social media, blogs, contact details
> a direct link to a presenter's book being sold on Amazon


Full list of platforms here


"It clearly facilitates networking: we save time and find the presenters on any platforms very easily."

You have nothing to manage or worry about

Each page is a web page in the cloud
There is nothing to save on your side & it is available anytime by anyone

You upgrade & innovate

You add an innovative tool to your communication strategy,
while offering the simplest and most efficient solution


You get positive feedback


How it works

1. We create a page for each of your guest speakers

2. We send you our logos (blue / grey) and the links

3. Your team can get started


A fee of $189.90 per profile
Offers available for events with 20+ speakers / 50+ / 75+

> The medotcom license - name & logos - can be used before, during and after the event.

> A dedicated team is available 24/7 before and during your event, reachable by telephone and email.

> Each profile page is ad-free.


> Your website is already using guest speakers' pictures. It would be agreed to use the same pic for their medotcom page.

> Login details can be sent to each presenter if requested.

> We encourage you to create your own page for your event.


"medotcom lets you introduce your guest speakers
in an informative, innovative & simple way"

Any questions, or if you would like a quote for your event, get in touch:

Contact: Benjamin
Tel: + 41 (0) 78 684 10 12

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