1. Effective Search Engine Marketing - $79
    Guaranteed listing on all major search engines. 3-day listing available. Get ranked higher on Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and more by using our optimization tools. No monthly fee, no click fee.

  2. People Search Engine - $7.95
    Current and previous unlisted number and address, birthdates, family members, relatives, associates. Search nationwide public records by maiden or spouse name, age or social security number.

  3. Search Engine Advertising Experts
    Reinvent Business quickly creates an expansive Internet visibility and Web presence for your online business. Maximize visitors, sales and profits. Superior results.

  4. Professional Search Engine Registration
    Providing expert submission to all major search engines and directories with top placement. Experienced and professional service, guaranteed 24 hour submission from $29.95.

  5. Wanted: Search Engine Early Adopter
    Free Linguistic Enterprise Search engine. Easy with quick install to help increase revenues.

  6. Dogpile.com - Search the Search Engines
    Dogpile makes searching the Web easy, because it has leading search engines piled into one. So you get better results from more of the web. More engines. Better answers at Dogpile.com.

  7. Top Three Web Site Position, $39.95/Week
    We guarantee we can quickly position your Web site in top-three rank on the major search engines or your money back. $39.95 a week, no set-up fees. See our client testimonials.

  8. $99 Gets Top 3 Search Engine Positioning
    First month $99, guaranteed positioning on 6-8 keyword phrases, Yahoo! or Google group of search engines. Be positioned top 3 on Yahoo! in as little as 3 days.

  9. Submit Your Site with the Submission Pro
    Expert search engine submission by professionals. Our services are quick, affordable, proven effective and extremely high in value.

  10. Get Ranked Higher on Search Engines
    Are you a medium to large business seeking higher placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL? Web-Search-Engines.com can help, we guarantee it.

  11. WebPosition Gold - SE Position Software
    Promote and track your site's placement on search engines automatically with WebPosition Gold! Download free trial version. Achieve top 10 rankings! Dramatically increase your traffic.

  12. Business Directory and Search Engine
    Free business directory and search engine. Help business professionals search useful sources easily and quickly.

  13. Pay Per Click Search Engines Reviewed
    Pay per click search engines like GoTo.com are a highly cost-effective way to attract cheap, targeted traffic to your Web site. They're all reviewed here.

  14. FreeFind.com - Site Search Technology
    Let your visitors search your site. Add a search engine to your site today in minutes. You get high-performance, high-availability search tools from a pioneering company in the field.

  15. Search Engine Optimization Wizard
    Search engine optimization wizard will automatically generate 20 keyword specific doorway pages and then submit them and your site to over 1000 of the top search engines. Only $79.95.

  16. Search Engine Strategists
    The online search engine strategists: increase visibility, drive traffic, and convert visitors to customers with Interactive Return.

  17. Top Search Engine Results
    We submit your site to the top 5 search portals with guaranteed outcome. Results are visible within 1 or 2 weeks. Tracking results through solid stats. Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

  18. Search Engine Visibility-$17.49
    Save big on over 250,000 book titles at clearance prices. Find all the latest best sellers priced below Amazon. Overstock.com, your online outlet.

  19. Search Engine
    Boost your traffic with DISC, a Web marketing company with a proven track record for delivering ROI within 1 year. Specializing in search engine optimization, site submission and Web design.

  20. Search Engine Submission Service $3.60
    Get your URL registered on thousands of search engines for $3.60 each. Click now to fill out a form to request promotion then you will be contacted by e-mail shortly.

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