1. Search Engine Positioning Services
    We provide search engine optimization, placement and link improvement plans starting as low as $275.00 per month or as little as $50.00 per key phrase.

  2. Conversion Optimization Software
    AB Split and multi variate testing software from Offermatica. Improve sales and conversion rates. Pay as you go. Start optimizing in hours.

  3. Optimize Your Site - Increase Your Sales
    Is your Web site selling enough? Morepro Marketing's system for increasing your Web site's sales pays for itself. Start selling more today.

  4. Cardinal Health
    The pharmaceutical development business can provide optimization.

  5. Optimization
    Optimize your organic search results. Lycos InSite improves keyword targeting, page level optimization, and link popularity while providing regular site submissions on major search engines.

  6. DecisionPro - Optimization Software
    Download a free trial copy. DecisionPro helps you build integrated LP applications that solve linear and integer program problems as large as 32,000 variables.

  7. Optimization - KW.edu
    Kennedy Western University, a leader in distance education, offers online BA, MBA, and Ph.D degrees. Study at your own pace. Register for a free catalog. Must be 23 with 5+ years experience.

  8. ProfitLogic Optimization
    ProfitLogic's merchandise optimization solutions inform the entire lifecycle of retail merchandising decisions with predictive analysis that helps retailers take profitable action.

  9. SpreadsheetWorld - Optimization, VBA
    Ultimate site for professional engineers and scientists! Public, on-site and CD-ROM courses, Excel add-ins, custom app development, consulting, modeling and optimization using Excel/VBA.

  10. Search Engine Optimization
    Improve your rankings in major search engines and increase your hits. Top 10 placement guaranteed or your money back.

  11. Optimization at Amazon.com
    Buy books at Amazon.com. Low prices and easy shopping. Search the full text of books. Free super saver shipping on qualified orders over $25.

  12. Optimization: Treeage
    Treeage Software, Inc. Publishes the Treeage Pro family of software packages, which are used to build, analyze and distribute decision trees, Markov models and influence diagrams.

  13. Guaranteed Ranking and Visitor Programs
    Performance-based pricing on guaranteed ranking and pay-per-click visitor programs. Helping companies large and small with search engine services since 1998.

  14. Optimization
    Search engine submission plans from $19. Let us prepare your site for optimum placement, submit it to over 1000 engines and provide online reporting that allows you to monitor progress.

  15. Optimization - Yahoo! Shopping
    Search, compare and save. Visit Yahoo! Shopping to compare products and prices from thousands of your favorite stores. Consumer reviews, store ratings and more.

  16. Maximize Your Internet & Download Speeds
    Increase Internet and download speeds. Fully automatic modem speed optimization. Works with all modems, including dial-up, DSL, cable and more. Only $39.95.

  17. Buy Keyword Selection Tool - $19.95
    Instant $15 savings. Quickly and easily locate the right targeted keywords to promote on PPC search engines. Uncover hidden keywords that generate optimized traffic.

  18. Accelerator Suite - for Faster Computers
    Stop wasting time. Optimize the speed of your Internet, your downloads and your computer memory. Instant download only $39.99.

  19. Learn Web Site Optimization at No Costs
    Power software for search engine marketing, traffic analysis and site maintenance. Includes 8 tools to promote, analyze and maintain your site. Pricing starts from $295. Try now free.

  20. Free WebPosition Web site optimization!
    WebPosition Gold helps you with search engine Web site optimization. Top 10 positions guaranteed. Get free targeted traffic. Try it free today!

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