Lots of new features this month!


Search By Keywords
Big new thing!
Anything written in your name, description and location fields will now be searchable:
It's time to use keywords, hashtags and tell people about you to be found easily!


New Login
You can now login either via your email or your username.


Icons Categories
Categories are now there to facilitate your choice. Have a look, maybe you'll see a website you'd like to display.


More Colors!
Customize your page with an infinite choice of background and font colors. For example:


Another new thing
Two icons will help you differentiate individuals and companies when using the search bar: 




Your Location
Google powered tool lets you easily add your location onto your page.


New Design!
Check out your page and the new lean design:


That's it!

Who do you know that has to see your page? Show people how awesome you are.

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