Dear Brand,

Your updates are posted on Facebook
Your customer service is on Twitter
Your pics are on FlickrPinterest or Instagram
Your blog is published also on Facebook
You show that you're cool on Snapchat
Your corporate info is on Linkedin
Your videos are on Vimeo or Youtube


Let's face it:
Your content is shifting from your website to your social media platforms. Why ? Because your audience is out there. Not only they are there, but they access your info from their mobiles. This is not a trend anymore, this is a fact. If you were not aware of it, now you are. And it is about time you do something about it.

medotcom lets you tell people where to find you in a visually appealing layout.

What about your website ? There is a lot of useful information on your website. True. Maybe too much. What is your audience really looking for ? The answer is: your social media. And unfortunately, it is not always easy to find them, sometimes at the bottom of your website, maybe still with old logos, not easily accessible from a mobile device: unclear and often incomplete. So, on top of your website - or if you don't have any:

Simplify the life of your customer and invite your audience to meet you on your medotcom page.


Smart. Efficient. Powerful.
One name. One link. Easy to remember & to share
Replace lines of text & logos on marketing materials, on TV, radio & print adverts or business cards
Forget the multiple names such as your.brand or your_brand or your-brand_Official

Grow your followers base
Increase consumer engagement: get more likes, shares & followers

Increase your sales
You get new customers to follow you, to buy your product or service, to like, share and adopt it.

So, make it simple to follow you:

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It is only $1/week or $52/year with a 30-day free trial 


We actually believe here at medotcom — and talking to millenials, we are encouraged in our vision — that in the near future, websites as they are today will become outdated and obsolete. Hence the growing necessity to have a crossroad which understands consumers' needs, an «über platform» above all: medotcom. Some readings we have selected for you:

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A brand which understood it all: Obsessee :


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